Mobile phone programming

Looking at mobile phone programming, it seems quite simple.  Of course, it looks simple in print,but doing it is another thing.

One of the biggest problems is the artificial intelligence and the generation of random maps.  Algorithms are required for these and not all programmers are able to build these correctly.  If given an algorithm, they may be able to implement it.  This will depend on how complex the algorithm is.

Another problem is the creation of graphics.  We can draw stick men and other simple pictures, but we are not artists.  If there are freeware pictures available, we will use them.  That is the only way they will be able to have decent pictures in their programs.

If you want to do mobile phone programming, you can use Java’s ME.  This is used mainly for mobile phone programming.


I will have to look into getting a bunch of stuff for my kids.  It seems that sitting at home and playing on the computer, or watching TV is not good for them.  I enrolled them in soccer and will be getting a basketball net soon.  Ice skating and possibly swimming.  They do not want to go swimming, but I think it is a good idea to at least know how to swim.  This is a valuable skill.

Aloha airline

Aloha airline went under and took many client’s cash with them. One managed to get his money back since his credit card had insurance. Another was unable to get his money back since the credit card company did not have insurance. This is quite a surprise. I assumed all credit card companies have the same protection for consumers. This proved to be false. Before you buy an airline ticket, ask the credit card company if they will refund you the money from an airline that declares bankruptcy, or will not be able to honor your ticket.

Booking a hotel

The budget traveler likes to stay at a cheap and nice hotel.  If you only want a room to sleep in, this is the chain that I recommend.  I slept in two hotels that were quite small, but they did the job for a reasonable price.  I did not stay at any of the other larger rooms or luxury rooms, so I cannot say anything about them.

You can book and see the prices for rooms online.

You can read reviews by people about the hotels here