ETF Types


Indexes can track a specific sector to a country.  Therefore, there are numerous ETFs to choose from.  Furthermore, there are several providers in Canada that offer ETFs.  I am using iShares ETFs since they have a ETF screener tool.

When I purchase ETFs, I look for both a low MER and high liquidity.

Main Index tracking ETFs

When it comes to purchasing ETFs, people who know recommend index tracking ETFs.  Therefore, a list of index tracking ETFs are provided below.  The MER, Management Expense Ratio, is very low.  Therefore, lower fees = more of your money working for you.

Low Volatility ETFs

When it comes to low Beta ETFs, the returns and the spikes up and down are usually lower.  This also means that when the main indexes goes up or down 50%, the low volatility ETFs go up or down about 25%.  The fees are higher than the main index tracking ETFs.

High dividend paying equity ETFs

For those who prefer high dividends, the following are options.  Unfortunately, the MERs are higher when compared to the index tracking ETFs.  Furthermore, there is no guarantees that the company will continue to pay the high dividends.  Therefore, the company maybe removed from the high dividend paying ETF(s).

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