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Short History
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Short History

I was reading  Hub: The Computer Paper looking for some interesting articles when I noticed an advertisement for domain name registration for $5 a year.  I signed up for two .ca domains.  That was sometime in September of 2007.  I began writing web pages with tutorials and other stuff that I believe will benefit others on a free web space provided by my domain registrar.

A year later, I realized that dot com names are more easier to remember.  Therefore, I started hunting for short, decent dot com domain names.

The search took me about a month due from the fact that every decent, short name was taken.  Furthermore, I wanted to find one that was easy to remember.

In the end, I registered asecurePC.com and aprivatebeach.com.  They are longer names, but they are easy to remember.  Moreover, I was tired of searching.

My purpose is to document what I know about computers.  This is my online diary.  A storage medium that can be used as a reference for me in the future.  Furthermore, I want to share my knowledge with the world.  If my collection of articles help one other person solve a problem and/or answer a question, I have done a good deed.

On the 12th of April 2008, I created a blog on blogger.com with one post.  I continued to post random articles that may or may not be useful for anyone to read.  The posts were mostly about me and my family.  This continued until I decided that I wanted something that looked more professional.

On the 18th of July 2008, I purchased a family plan with my web host that included a WordPress blog and some other extras.

On the 20th of July 2008, I moved my blog from blogger.com to aprivatebeach.com/blog.  Furthermore, I prepaid for both asecurepc.com to 2013-02-12 and aprivatebeach.com to 2014-02-13.  This will ensure that these names remain mine for a while.


I believe in the philosophy of sharing what you know.  There are many people out there who need help.  People who cannot solve a problem may give up and walk away.  I believe that we should share our knowledge to help others avoid the mistakes that we made.  To fix problems that arise as a team.  I believe that we are all teachers who have something to teach.  Therefore, if you know something that you think can benefit another in need, share it.  You will be happy knowing that you may have just freed another from many hours of mental anguish.

A private beach is also my virtual relaxing place.  This is where I sit down and jot down my thoughts on one topic or another. it

This is my place in a virtual world.  One day I will get the real thing. I believe in the saying, “If you build it, it will come.”  Well, I built it.  I am waiting for the real thing to come.

Tux pictures
Pictures of Tux the Linux penguin used on this blog are used from http://tux.crystalxp.net/

Tux the construction worker is owned by Xanderrun at http://tux.crystalxp.net/

Tux on the beach is used from http://www.hobbitstohumans.com/tuxweather.htm

I do the best I can to find the image owners and seek permission when required to use them.  Unfortunately, in some cases, this information is unavailable.