Using the TMX ETF Screener

When you look for ETFs to purchase, purchasing from one company is an option.  There is a way to compare ETFs from all available companies to find the one that fits your strategy more accurately or has the characteristics you want. is a ETF screen tool that allows you to sort through all available ETFs on the TSX.

Under DEFINE, I chose Canada and Equity.  You can put your mouse over the ? to get more information.

Under Refine, I unchecked all the boxes since I do not want ETFs with those characteristics.  You can move your mouse pointer over the options to see what they are.

Under REFINE, you can see that the ETFs are sorted by size.  The best on top of each category.  You also have the option of searching for a specific ETF in the search box or clicking on the passive or embedded strategy.

With that, I have 64 out of 525 ETFs that match my criteria.  To view the 64 ETFs on your short list, click on 3 VIEW MY LIST.

An incomplete list of the 64 ETFs is shown above.  Since I am more interested in Liquidity, how easily can an ETF be bought or sold close to the posted price, I click on Liq to sort by the most liquid ETFs first.

The definitions of all the headings are at the bottom of the page.  Therefore, you will have to scroll down to read what all the PUR factor rank headings mean.

With that, visit each individual website to get more information on the ETF you are interested in buying.  You can also click on the ticker to get the TSX’s information on the stock.

The lowest MER, management expense ratio, ETFs are not always the most liquid.  The list below will change as investors change their strategy from time to time.  Therefore, it can happen where an ETF that is illiquid, hard to sell, will become a very liquid ETF.

When it comes to finding suitable ETFs, TMXMoney simplifies the process of comparing ETFs.  This is a tool that should be used by every ETF trader.

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