Using the Morningstar ETF screener‘s ETF screener tool is useful for finding ETFs.

When you go to the’s website, click on the ETFs menu.  From there, you will see under tools ETF Finder.  Click on the ETF Finder to search for ETFs.

The ETF Finder page has many dropdown boxes for choosing the types of ETFs you want.

You can also choose to find ETFs using the Fund Category, Geographical, or Industry Sectors.  For this purpose, I use the Search All Funds tab.

Under Universe, choose Canadian ETFs.  From there, you can play with the options to see what ETFs are shown.  I have Equity selected under Global Broad Category.

The Sharpe ratio, Alpha and Beta are analysts ratings for mutual funds risk.  To learn more about how to use these options, go to

Once you got your list of ETFs, click on the Fees and Details tab.  I am unsure why but the MER and Mgmt Fee % do not seem to be accurate, so click on the fund name to get more details on the actual MER from  Furthermore, there is no information on the turnover rate/year.  Therefore, you will have to look elsewhere.

Looking at, it seems you will have to look at the Management Report of Fund Performance which can be found at the fund providers website under the fund name or SEDAR.

Based on the MER of .59%/year and the Trading Expense Ratio of .02%/year from the Management Report of Fund Performance for 2016 from First Asset’s ETF, the total cost to the investor is .61%/year.

Fortunately, this is a low turnover, minimal trading, ETF.  A high turnover ETF can increase the Trading Expense Ratio dramatically.

Buying ETFs have become simplier with websites that filter ETFs to meet your requirements.

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