Using Kubuntu 14.04 and fixing the issues

Upon installing Kubuntu 14.04 on my Dell 1501, I have been greeted with a serious problem.  Internet was not working at all.  Therefore, I had to look online to find a solution.  Fortunately, I did not have to look far to find an answer.

Since I had no access to the Internet, I worked towards getting the wired Internet to work.  Therefore, I did a search for Ubuntu 14.04 no Internet.  After reading a few posts, I tried the one command that worked for someone else.

sudo rm /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-bcm43.conf

You can look inside the modprobe.d directory to see what is there.  There are quite a few blacklisted files listed.  Therefore, moving individual files out may get the wired Internet working by finding the file that is preventing the hardware from being detected.  The command above deleted the file.  Therefore, it is quite possible that one of those files needs to be deleted.

Deleting the blacklist-bcm43.conf file and rebooting got my wired Internet working.  Therefore, I was able to connect to the Internet with the Ethernet cable that allowed me to work towards fixing the second problem.  Getting wireless working was easy.  It seems that which is a solution from an earlier version, works.

The plasma desktop is quite confusing.  Therefore, I decided to switch back to the old fashioned desktop.

Right-click on the desktop -> Folder Settings

brings up the Plasma Desktop Shell.  From there, I change the layout from Default Desktop to Folder.

I am not familiar with using the Plasma Desktop; therefore, I opted for the traditional Folder style.

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