Connect Telus Optik router to Linksys EA3500 router

I purchased a Linksys EA3500 router to see if the Internet connection is more stable.  So far, my Internet connection is stable.

Installing the Linksys EA3500 router

The router comes with a DVD that simplifies the installation process.  Unfortunately, when it comes to Telus Optik, there are two boxes that comes with the Internet.  Therefore, I will like to explain how it works based on what I can see.

Telephone cable -> box -> Ethernet cable

Since Telus transfers data through the telephone cable, all the data goes through that skinny telephone wire to the outside world.  Therefore, the Ethernet cable, which can be yellow, blue, or grey and thick, takes the data to and from the router to the box with the telephone wire.  The box, I assume, converts the data to a stream that can be transferred over the phone line.

Ethernet cable -> Telus router -> ???

The Telus router has a WAN port that is currently connected to the Ethernet cable on the box with the telephone cable.  Furthermore, there is a TV cable cord connected to the Telus router.  Therefore, it is not possible to connect the Linksys EA3500 router to the TV cable cord.

The TV cable cord

Telus Optik is TV, Internet, and phone combined.  Therefore, everything is being transferred through that telephone line.  The TV cable cord is for the TV’s connected to Optik TV in your house.  If you turn off the Telus Optik router, the TV Optik boxes will stop working.  Therefore, the router transfers the signals to the TV through that TV cable cord.

Connect the Linksys EA3500 router to the Telus router

There are currently two options available that do not make a difference.

Option 1:

Box -> Ethernet cable -> Telus Optik WAN

Linksys EA3500 connected to Telus Optik LAN port

Option 2:

Box -> Ethernet cable -> Linksys EA3500 Internet port

Telus Optik WAN is connected to Linksys EA3500 LAN port

I currently have tested both options and they both work exactly the same.  Therefore, which option you choose is based on your current situation.

In my opinion, Option 2 is a better choice since turning off the Telus Optik box will not disconnect any computers and/or devices connected through your Linksys router.  Unfortunately, it will turn off the TV signals in your house.

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