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I am going to create some quotes that seem inspirational from the many available online and written.

For every problem, there exists a solution.  If no solution exists, the solution is change.
Adapted version of the quote from H. L. Mencken who said, “for every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.” and from the book, “Who Moved my Cheese” by Dr. Spencer Johnson.

Thinking about the above quote, I decided to add the following:
If a solution does not exist, a problem does not exist.

For those looking for direction:
Never give up a lifelong dream for a temporary paradise.
Life changes; therefore, change and enjoy life.

More random quotes from the web:
If you have the ability to dream, you have the ability to live.
If you have the ability to love, you have the ability to live.
If you have the ability to comprehend, you have the ability to live.
If you have the ability to change, you have the ability to live.
In short, if you have the ability to be human, you have the ability to live.


If your life falls apart, walk away and build a better life.  Inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker who said, “After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breath and reboot.”

A commonly used phrase that I will backup with the typical stereotypes.  I will find similarities and clarify the not so clear points.
Men are pigs. 

Why men are pigs?

  • Bachelors live in a pigsty.
  • The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
  • Men do not care about their appearance.
  • Farts and burps will come, so let it, silently or loudly.
  • We have body hair and will keep it that way.  http://ca.askmen.com/grooming/appearance/3_body-hair-dos-donts.html
  • Stink?  This is the scent of a man.
  • Men love the outdoors.
  • Men are lazy pigs.
  • Men have plumber’s butt
  • We grunt, make funny noises and like to bump into each other.
  • Men can sleep anywhere, anytime.
  • A man’s toilet is the world and beyond.
  • Domesticated men?  We do tricks for our masters, wives and/or girlfriends, to get what we want.
  • Men can eat and/or drink and defecate at the same time.  This is multitasking.
  • Men eat off of anything that can hold the food.  A man-sized trough will work also.
  • Men eat like pigs.
  • Food is food.  Give us anything.  If it is edible, it is good.
  • Our big bellies are a gift.
  • Hog tie our hands and feet and put a plate of food in front of us.  We have evolved; therefore, we can eat.
  • My old man, you can keep your man cave.  I have a mansty.

Every man is a pig in one way or another.  I have yet to meet a man who is 100% pig.


Thinking about my life as a teenager, I decided to summarize what I know.

When a teenager reaches the age of majority, he/she will be given a bag of seeds.  The teenager can throw the bag of seeds in the garbage, put the bag of seeds in the drawer, plant the bag of seeds and hope that something happens, plant the bag of seeds and take care of the seeds and enjoy the fruits of his/her labor.  The teenager can also take the bag of seeds and study from a master gardener.  This will enable the teenager to open his/her own produce stand since he/she can produce more fruits than he/she needs.

In the end, a teenager cannot be forced to learn from a master gardener.  The teenager must be willing to learn from a master gardener. 

Therefore, the teenager must decide on his/her own what he/she wants.  

There are no limits for the opportunities available to the teenager.  Nevertheless, the teenager must decide if the opportunities available will support his/her chosen lifestyle.

The teenager cannot become a young adult until the teenager understands that for every opportunity, there is a chance that the opportunity will not fulfil all of his/her requirements.  Therefore, the teenager must accept the fact that he/she may have to make sacrifices while pursuing or doing a chosen opportunity.

Without the ability to make sacrifices, the teenager may never be able to grow up to become a young adult.

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