Is that purchase worth the price?

When it comes to buying stuff, I often question if it is really worth paying a few extra dollars.  After all, does it really matter if the brand, functions, or extra bells and whistles are the reasons for the price increase?

I buy stuff all the time and realize that I have my own reasons for making a purchase

  • Can I afford to pay the few extra dollars.

I want to make a purchase and will realize later that I cannot afford it.  Therefore, if I cannot afford it, I will wait until later.  Good things come to those who wait.

  • Will I regret my decision.

What is the point of purchasing an item if I will regret buying the item in the first place at a later date?  I buy computers that cost more than the mass-produced models, but I rarely regret my decision.


I enjoy buying custom-built computers; therefore, I am willing to pay more to choose exactly what I want.  There is the odd case where I have built a lemon, but I usually know what needs to be fixed and/or replaced to fix a lemon.

I have also purchased cheap throwaway items such as toasters and coffee makers.  For these items, I do not see the point of spending more for something that has functions that I may never use or been built with better material.  If it works, it’s good.

  • Can I sleep at night.

I will stay up and dream about the item that I want.  I will research the item.  I will stare at pictures of the item on the Internet and on my wall.  In this case, not getting the item is a health hazard.

  • Decisions

Making a purchase is no easy task for me.  I have to part with my hard earned money to get what I want.

I have looked at pictures of the Google Nexus Tablet for months on end, but I still refuse to buy it.  I know I will regret purchasing it later since I have a total of two computers, two laptops and a tablet.

In any case, price, name, prestige and quality do play a part in my decisions.

I must have my items to be happy, but more importantly, I must be sure that I will not regret my decisions, have sleepless nights, lose my sanity.  Therefore, it is a delicate balance.

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