Understanding your Canadian Electricity or Hydro Bill

Canadians who look at their bill do not quite understand why some months are sky high while others will have a negative balance.  I will provide my answer.

I talked to an agent from one of these companies and asked her about the frequency of the technician coming down to check the meter.  Her answer, “the technician will come out to check the meter every 3 or 4 months.”  Therefore, when the bill comes, the company will estimate, based on the previous year’s usage, what the bill should be.  When the technician does come out, he/she will write down the exact meter reading.  Therefore, the hydro or electricity bill will vary.  It would not surprise me if they reduce the technicians visit to once a year to cut costs.

I do not bother to complain about the price being too high.  I assume that the technician came out and checked the meter.  Furthermore, I probably underpaid the previous months.  Therefore, it works out in the end.

If my bill ends up being over $1000, I will have to double check the meter reading.

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