Save Money on Extras for a New or Old Car


Pushy salespeople will try to get you to get various interior and exterior shampoo, waxing, polishing, etc. when purchasing a new car.  Fortunately, to save a few hundred dollars, one can visit an auto detailing shop.  Auto detailing shops will do the work for a much cheaper price.

Old cars that have scratches and blemishes can look like new by getting the royal treatment at various auto detailing shops.

For those wanting a cheaper option to cover scratches and nicks, buying paint that matches your car paint color and a paint brush from the dealer or third-party auto shop is an option.  These usually sell for about $10 and will cover a couple of scratches.

Authentic rubber mats are very costly, therefore, a cheaper alternative is to buy generic mats from various online and/or brick and mortar stores.  I have seen a set of 4 rubber mats for $30 CDN.  They are not as good as the authentic ones, but they do the job.

When it comes to fabric or leather seats protection, I decided to contact an arbitrary auto detail shop.  Therefore, I sent them an email.

How long do I have to wait? 

How long does the protection last?

Also, do you do fabric protect carpets, or is that not possible.

The answer from the arbitrary auto detail shop:

Fabric protection will only take one hour to do, and that will include seat, carpets, floor mats, door fabric trims.  It should cost you $100, and it will last for a lifetime. If you want to buy a warranty certificate it will cost you an extra $30.

I found lifetime hard to believe, so I asked about the store products, and this is the answer I got:

If you buy a lifetime warranty certificate, the lifetime warranty is in black and white.  The product from Canadian Tire and Walmart are not industrial products, otherwise, there will be no auto detail shops. Yes, it is a lifetime believe it or not.

This arbitrary auto detail shop charges higher prices, but in many cases, you get what you pay for.  Therefore, keep this in mind when choosing between cheap and not so cheap.

Spare tire?

It seems that new vehicles are being sold without a spare tire, cigarette lighter, and/or ashtray.  In order to get these parts, one can get them from a scrap yard.  Although, finding the part that will fit your car maybe a challenge.

An option for those needing a spare tire is to go to a used tire store.  Used tire stores may be able to find a tire and rim that can be used as a spare tire equivalent.

For the jack to lift up the car in order to replace the tire and the wrench to remove the nuts, any shop that sells auto parts should have many varieties of jacks and wrenches in stock.

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