Buying a new hard drive

My SATA hard drive is dying.  First, my hard drive was constantly running.  Everything I do on the computer took much longer to load.  Next, I can hear the click of death as shown in the video below.

Although, he mentions that the hard drive clicking could be a power issue, but in most cases, it is a hard drive issue.  Therefore, replacing the hard drive will most likely fix the problem.

The power issue, in most cases, will cause the USB ports to fail first.

In any case, if one assumes that it is a power issue, the power supply needs to be replaced.  This can be purchased for less than $25 for a generic power supply.

Before you go replacing the hard drive, make sure the clicking is coming from the hard drive.  There are some cases where the clicking can come from other parts too.

Reusing the old hard drive

My SATA 7200 RPM hard drive in my computer was failing.  Therefore, I replaced it with a 5400 RPM hard drive.  I plugged in the failing 7200 RPM hard drive to the computer using a USB cable.  Strangely enough, it works.  Therefore, I question why it does not emit the click of death or the extremely long access time.

I will provide my theories below:

  • USB is slower than SATA – When it comes to accessing data, USB will be slower.  Therefore, the hard drive does not have to work as hard.
  • Hot, hot, hot! – I have ample airflow going through my computer case.  Unfortunately, since it is running at 7200 RPM, it maybe getting too hot.  Therefore, causing the hard drive to fail due from overheating.
  • Primary booting hard drive – Being a hard drive that is in most cases accessed continuously when the computer is turned on, the hard drive reading arm maybe having a hard time trying to access the data at such a fast speed.  Although, this would assume that the hard drive can vary its RPM speed which I cannot verify if any hard drives can do this.  Therefore, using it as a spare storage device that is infrequently accessed may give this old hard drive a couple more months or years of usability.

My old hard drive is still in use.  It is connected through USB, but has no enclosure.  It does get hot though.  Fortunately, I do not hear the click of death or suffer from unusually long access times.

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