Purchasing a Syma 107G Metal Series RC Helicopter

Oct 29, 2011

The Syma 107G is no longer working.  After many hours of crashing into walls and stuff, it now suffers from the toilet bowl effect.  A problem that seems to be difficult, time consuming  and/or expensive to fix.  Therefore, it is in the garbage.

It was a fun helicopter to fly.  I only wished it lasted longer.


I have purchased a Syma 107G Metal Series RC helicopter.  At first, I was not impressed with the 5-8 minute flight time, but I realized that this is common for many, if not all, RC helicopters.

Smashing the helicopter into walls and various other stuff did not break it.  Therefore, the Syma 107G Metal Series RC Helicopter is a very sturdy RC helicopter.

Reading articles online about RC Helicopters, I now realize that not all helicopters from different companies are built the same.  For example, some companies will build their helicopters with plastic, foam, and or other types of material.  Therefore, the durability of the RC Helicopter will vary depending on what is used to build the RC helicopter.

Furthermore, there are reasons why outdoor helicopters are designed for outdoors.  These reasons may include:

  • being too large to fly indoors.
  • being powered by fossil fuels.
  • being heavier.  A heavier RC helicopter will allow the RC helicopter to remain stable during windy days.
  • The wireless frequency used for the helicopter to communicate with the remote may be blocked by the sun (infrared does not work well in the sun.  The article can be read at http://www.ustr.net/infrared/infrared1.shtml)

In any case, there are various parts in a RC helicopter that can be replaced.  There are also cases where the parts can be replaced with better functioning parts.  This can often result in the RC Helicopter flying better than with the original part.

Some helicopter brands will have replacement parts that can easily be found in many hobby and/or online stores.  Therefore, it is a good idea to see if there are replacement parts that can easily be found before purchasing.

Tutorials on building your own helicopter and/or airplane at http://www.mikeysrc.com/

Reasons why RC helicopters are classified as indoor and/or outdoor at http://how-to-fly-rc-helicopter.com/indoor-helicopter/outoor-or-indoor-helicopter

Helicopters and the spare parts can be purchased at http://www.xheli.com/liba25c2211.html.  A good reference point for pinpointing decent RC helicopter manufacturers for serious hobby flyers.

Overall, I am satisfied with the Syma 107G Metal Series RC Helicopter.  Although, I really do not have anything to compare it with.  This is my first RC helicopter.

Air Hogs, which is well known from their advertising on TV, has 2, 3, and 4-channel RC helicopters.  There are currently 4 types of channels for helicopters.

2, 3, and 4-channel RC helicopters

6-channel RC helicopter

For beginners, I highly recommend the 3 or 4-channel RC helicopters.  The reason is control.  It is much easier to control a RC helicopter when the RC helicopter is not moving forward all the time.  The 3-channel RC helicopters and above will hover in the same spot in non-windy conditions.  Therefore, one can practice hovering first without worrying about hitting a wall.  Although, hitting the ceiling is often unavoidable.  In any case, learning how to fly a RC helicopter should be easier with a 3-channel RC helicopter vs a 2-channel RC helicopter.

I am pretty sure that once my kids get their hands on it, it will be in pieces within a week.  Of course, if they figure out how to maintain control of the RC helicopter, it can last for many years.

In any case, the Syma 107G Metal Series RC Helicopter parts can be purchased fairly cheaply from Syma and/or many hobby shops.  Therefore, I am not worried.  Furthermore, It is a toy after all.

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  1. Dont forget the frequency range on it. You dont want to fly out of the range for it to come tumbling down.

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