Replace Laser Printer Toner or Buy a New Laser Printer

Over the years, the price of electronics seem to go down.  In the case of my laser printer, the toner costs more than the laser printer itself.

My laser printer uses 1 toner cartridge for each of the colors.  Therefore, to replace all 4 of the toner cartridges in my laser printer, I need to purchase 4 toner cartridges.  The total cost is about $350.

The laser printer costs $150.

Therefore, I question if it is cheaper to purchase a new laser printer.

With this in mind, I would rather purchase a new laser printer.  Although, this is not environmentally friendly.  A better, cheaper alternative is to buy toner refill bottles and refill the toner yourself.

Unfortunately, not all the parts of a laser printer will last.  For example, the drum, belt unit and waste toner box do not last forever.  Therefore, when any of these parts stop working, replacing the laser printer is a better option since replacing any of these parts alone may cost more than the printer itself.

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