Save money on almost everything

When it comes to price conscious consumers, many may try to save money by using coupons, loyalty cards, and/or vouchers.

Being a price conscious consumer, I have a list of free sites that I use often to find deals. – A website for Canadians that has some coupons and flyers from stores that distribute them. – This is a website that lists all the deals available from various websites such as Groupon. – Geared more towards business people, this website offers North Americans discounts at various companies.
NOTE: Allied Business Network is new to me. Therefore, I cannot give my opinion as of yet.

The one on the left is ABN’s discount prices while the one on the right is the regular prices. -This is a website that compares prices of Big Macs in various countries.  If you want to stretch your dollar on vacation, this may be a useful tool. – Better deals can often be found during specific days and/or months.  Therefore, doing a search for best times to buy anything will provide many articles that should help. – McDonald’s, in Canada, has printable coupons available.  Unfortunately, the coupons are not available every month.  In my honest opinion, it is cheaper to purchase items from the $1.39 menu. – When it comes to buying singles, it is often better to shop around.  Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, YuGiOh, and World of Warcraft are the main trading card games that can be used to see what are the high and low prices for each individual card.  Sometimes it can be cheaper to buy the cards with shipping elsewhere when compared to stores nearby.  Therefore, it is an option that should be considered.

Another option to buying booster packs, starter decks and/or other formats  is to buy them in bulk.  For those looking for cards for casual play, this can be a cheaper alternative., is a store that offers bulk lots for Magic the Gathering and/or World of Warcraft.  For Pokemon, purchasing tournament decks such as the one offered at is a much cheaper alternative since many of the rare cards can sell for $10 or more each making a deck cost over $100 to build. -A Canadian-based deals website.  It also has a forum where you can ask questions that will get answered.

Many companies have their own loyalty and/or discount programs.  I have purposely left these out since there are too many available.

More will come as I discover them.

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