Change the login and system ready sounds

In Ubuntu 10.10, Maverick Meerkat, I am unable to find a way to change the startup or login sounds.  Therefore, I have to find the exact location of the sound files.

In /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo, one can replace desktop-login.ogg and system-ready.ogg.  Replacing these two sound files with your own will play your sound file.

Desktop-login.ogg – The sound that is played when a user successfully logs in.

System-ready.ogg – The sound that is played when the Ubuntu login screen is displayed.

In order to create ogg files, Audacity can be used to convert non-ogg sound files to ogg format.

To be able to copy and paste files in the file system, will help.

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  1. You have to change the rights and give yourself the right to play those sounds. So you go to properties of the soundfiles, third tab rights or however is written, and in the second entry of that tab you click on root and select instead your user name. Immediately down you click and choose read only. And close, you are done!

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