Telus Optik TV, Internet freezing

As of Mar 3, 2013, Telus Optik TV is working.  The Internet problem is fixed with a different router.  Unfortunately, a separate router costs extra money.  The article can be read at

As of Feb 14, 2011, the TV has stopped freezing.  Unfortunately, the wireless Internet still gets kicked off.  I have decided to use wireless G.  Therefore, it seems that using either wireless B or G works for stable TV signals, but wireless Internet is still a problem.

The information provided below is for reference.

I am currently having issues with the Internet going out.  Furthermore, the TV freezes.  Therefore, I called Telus to see if they can fix the problem.

They sent a technician to take a look and he did some repairs.  Unfortunately, it did not work.  Therefore, I decided to try something else.

Possible solution #1

The router supports both wireless B and G standards.  Therefore, any wireless device should connect fine that uses these standards.  In any case, I decided to try using a different wireless device.

The device I currently use is a Cisco Wireless-N USB adapter.  The old one is a generic Wireless-B that can connect but not use the Wireless-G standard.  The generic Wireless-B USB adapter has the option to either use auto or B.  Therefore, it seems that it cannot connect at Wireless-G speeds.

Assuming that the problem with the freezing TV and the Internet disconnecting lies with that generic USB adapter, I changed it.

I will have to see if the freezing TV and the disconnecting Internet continues.

Possible solution #2

Another option, for those who want to try a quick fix, is to set the router to only use the wireless G or the wireless B standard.

The default is both, but it is quite possible that setting the router to only use one may fix the problem.  I would recommend trying wireless B first.  wireless B is an older (slower) standard, but maybe more common and used by a more wider range of devices than wireless G.

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  1. Telsu Optik TV sucks. I regret signing up for 3 years. Non-stop problems ranging from modem and PVR issues to the connection itself. I have no less than 8 trouble tickets since signing up last October. If I want to leave Telus, they want to ding me $200-$300. Optik TV is slow. How do I know? Because when the Canucks score, I am cheering a 2-3 seconds later than my neighbours. The program guide is often wrong too, although I had that same problem with Shaw. Lastly, the Cisco PVR remote is idiotic. Hard to navigate and find stuff. Shaw has a much more logical design.

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