This website does not supply identity information

In order to fulfill the “This website does not supply identity information”, one needs to sign up for a SSL Certificate.

What exactly does it do?

By getting a SSL Certificate, one is telling the web surfer that a person of authority,, has verified that you are who you say you are.  Furthermore, the website owner assures the web surfer that his/her site is a legitimate business.

SSL Certificates are like credit cards.  Do you want someone else opening a credit card under your name just because one says that one is who one says one is.  Obviously, there should be some checks in place to verify the identity of the person obtaining the credit card.

Unfortunately, SSL Certificates must be purchased, and the lowest price I have seen is about $10/year.  In order to see the SSL Certificates for $10/year, one has to do a google search for cheap ssl.  How reliable and/or legitimate the company is I cannot comment on.

A partial list of websites that offer SSL Certificates is provided below:

Netfirms –

Comodo –

Verisign –

GoDaddy –

What one will notice is that websites such as online banking, online stores, and online brokers will have a SSL Certificate.


One is required to enter information such as debit card number, credit card number, username password, or other sensitive information.  One does not want this information passed over an unsecured connection.  Otherwise, one may notice that someone has impersonated him/her and purchased a couple of thousand dollars worth of merchandise using the credit card number sent over an unsecured connection.

Therefore, regular websites do not need it.,, and do not have SSL Certificates.  Google checkout, logging into one’s bank using debit card information, and logging into have SSL Certificates.

Therefore, do I need a SSL Certificate?

Do I ask for sensitive information that can be used to impersonate and/or steal financial information from you?

The answer is NO.

Therefore, I  do not need a SSL Certificate for

Just for fun, try visiting or even  One will see the connection not secure site page.


https,, is supposed to be secure.  Since I did not purchase a SSL Certificate, the connection is not secured.  Therefore, the connection not secure warning page will be shown.

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  1. Thanks for your info. I understand now why there is info when I viewing my blog state that ‘This web site does not supply ownership information.’.

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