Making online purchase using a credit card

I made an online purchase using a credit card.  The company that I have purchased from did not refund my money.  Furthermore, the credit card company was not able to provide a refund either due from the fact that the item ordered was not a tangible item.

What happened?

My kids play online games and wanted to purchase in-game virtual cash.  Using my credit card, I took their money and made the purchase of in-game virtual cash.  One transaction went through fine, but the other disappeared.

I had the email saying that the transaction went through and the transaction number and such, but the company did not have a record of the transaction.  Therefore, they could not provide a refund.

Upon calling the credit card company, I submitted a dispute for a transaction.  I sent in the documentation that I had confirming that I have paid the amount.  Unfortunately, the credit card company could do nothing.

The credit card companies answer, “We cannot provide a refund for an intangible item.  If you purchased a camera, we will provide a refund or have another camera sent.  With the in-game virtual points, we are unable to verify if the item will be received.”

Therefore, I lost my money.  The company in question is not a scam website.  It is a large scale gaming website.  My only guess is that there was a problem, and the transaction did not propagate fully through the whole process.

A lesson learned.  If the credit card company is going to send a replacement, they want it traceable.  Virtual goodies are not traceable.

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