Installing Ubuntu 10.04 Server

Missing Ubuntu, I decided to try to make it work on my Windows 7 box.  Installing Sun’s VirtualBox,, I am able to get an Ubuntu 10.04 Server working on my system.

Being needy, I also need some basic GUI tools for my Ubuntu 10.04 Server.  Fortunately, Ubuntu provides documentation for those requiring additional software, but are unsure what to install at

If this is a production server, I will stick with the command line interface (CLI).  Fortunately, my box is not a production server.  Therefore, some GUI additions will not hurt.

My recommendations:

  • ISPConfig
  • Fluxbox
  • Firefox?
  • Vim or gEdit for the weak of heart

Do you really need Firefox if Ubuntu 10.04 Server is running inside a virtual machine inside Windows?

One thought on “Installing Ubuntu 10.04 Server”

  1. I would suggest if you do not want to install a Ubuntu Dual Boot to use the “WUBI” Installation method which is MUCH faster than running it in a VM and is just as easy to use and uninstall.

    For thoes that do not know what a WUBI installation is here is a few Links to any information you need about it.

    The Pros, you can run it on its own, like a dual boot but its not it does not use its own partition but it has a boot menu, it is MUCH faster than running in a VM, You can also simply use windows uninstaller to remove it, It is also just as easy to install as any program, It Does not partition your hard drive.

    The Cons, Its not a real Dual Boot Hard Drive Speeds Will Be Slower, It can stake some space it can reserve as little as 2 GB up to as much as you want i find 10gb to be VERY sufficient Although this can only be chosen during install (not really a con as you cant partition on the fly either) although just like a partition the space you choose is all you get after you install.

    This is all my Oppinion on how to run UBUNTU if you don’t want a true Dual Boot WUBI would be my choice.

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