TV Tuner fuzzy picture

Quite often, people will notice that when they watch TV, the picture will be fuzzy.  More often than not, one will have to call the cable company to fix the problem.  Therefore, what exactly does the cable company do to fix the problem?

I realized that the solution is actually very simple, and I will explain.

When it comes to using the Internet on your own private DSL line, it is very fast when one person is using it.  Unfortunately, when several people are surfing the Internet on your own private DSL line, the speed may drop significantly.  Therefore, it can be assumed that the speed of your Internet is limited.

The same goes for TV signals.  When one TV is connected to the cable line, the picture should be clear.  If the TV’s picture is fuzzy, a call to the cable company will fix the problem.

Now, if one decides to connect multiple TV devices onto one cable line, the signal must split to all TV’s on the line.  Furthermore, the TV signal will get weaker with each split.  Hence, the fuzzy picture.

Therefore, to solve the problem, one will have to purchase a signal booster such as the one shown below from Motorola.

Why did I write this post?

It seems that many of my visitors got here by typing TV tuner fuzzy picture into Google.  Therefore, I decided to do some research and find out what the fuss is about.  Furthermore, it seems that many people have weak signals in various areas which can only be solved by boosting the signal strength.  Therefore, there are two options available.  Do-it-yourself, or call the cable guy.  If you call the cable guy, he/she may boost the signal strength at a specific location if it is weak for many households, or at your house if the signal is weak at your house.

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