IPad owners vs the rest of the world

When I first read the article about the traits that an IPad owner and a IPad hater has, I was quite surprised.

I like the Blackberry.  If the IPad had a slide out keyboard, I would change my mind and like the IPad more.  Unfortunately, the IPad only has a touchscreen that I find difficult to type with.

In any case, I seem to fit in with the IPad hater group.  Although, I do not think I am an IPad hater.  I prefer PC’s over Mac’s, but that is only because I enjoy custom-built computers.  Furthermore, I like the idea of installing my own hardware, and knowing exactly what make, model, and manufacturer the part is.

Nevertheless, I find it uncanny that I am classified as an IPad hater.  Maybe deep inside my heart, I truly do hate Apple products.  Flirting with the PC from an early age may have had an affect on me, or maybe I am so infatuated with the beauty of the PC that I married it.

Beauty is only chassis deep.  What you see inside the chassis can be the most beautiful thing in the computer world.

Part with the PC?

You will have to rip it from my cold, dead, clammy hands first.


One thought on “IPad owners vs the rest of the world”

  1. I used to swear by PCs until I got a lemon and tried a Mac out of frustration. It’s just more convenient for me. But I still like my Blackberry, no matter how many people swear by their iPhones.

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