Apple’s IPad Will Have Competition

Looking over the article about the $100 US IPad clone which can be found at, I question if it will really be as good as Apple’s IPad.

The hardware needs to be either purchased from a supplier and/or manufactured in-house.  Furthermore, faster processors cost more than slower ones.  For example, desktop processors can be purchased for $50 (slowest) up to $1000 or more (fastest).  Therefore, it will be interesting to see if Via’s IPad clone can actually be as good as Apple’s IPad at a fraction of the cost.

The netbook was a disappointment to many who did not realize that a netbook is not identical to a notebook in CPU speed and overall system performance.  Therefore, will Via’s IPad clone face the same fate as the netbooks?

When Via introduces their IPad clone, I will have to test its audio/video rendering capabilities.  That is usually a good indication of its overall system performance. If it can play DVD quality trailers, I will be impressed.

IPad’s hardware total cost can be seen at

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