Printing documents that are too large

Using Firefox, I have seen an odd printing problem.  When I print an article on the Internet, the 1 page article stretches out to 4 pages or more.  I have to put 2 pages on top and two pages on the bottom to read the article.  Therefore, I had to find a way to get a 1 page article to print on 1 page.

In order to get an article to print properly, one will have to first, preview the article to print which can be found under File -> Print Preview.  From there, one can either choose Scale: Shrink to fit, or go to  Page Setup and click on the Shrink to fit page width check box.

Another option is to look for an option in the printer properties that will allow one to shrink a document to fit on one page as shown below.  The option Fit to Page should be chosen.

Another option is to copy and paste the document to MS Word or OpenOffice Writer.  These should fit on one page

As a last resort, one can try pressing the print screen button on the keyboard and pasting it in MS Paint.  From there one can go to page settings and ensure that the article will fit on one page and then  print.

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