Hosting a blog, wiki, or other CMS on a free webspace with PHP support but no database

Some free webspaces can support PHP.  Unfortunately, there are very few that support a database.  Therefore, there are 2 options available for those who would like to host a blog, wiki, and/or other CMS on a webspace that has PHP  but no database support.

  1. Look for CMS’s that use SQLite.  SQLite is a flat file database.  Unfortunately, some free webspaces may have this turned off.  PHP must have the SQLite database option enabled since it is a feature built into PHP.
  2. Look for a CMS that uses its own flat file database.  Dokuwiki is a good example of a wiki that uses its own database in the form of plain text files. is currently using it.

Testing for PHP support can be seen at

For a list of various CMS systems available to use, one can look at  This list contains both CMS systems that require and do not require a database.

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