Buying a refurbished notebook and/or desktop computer April 2010

When it comes to purchasing a computer, I am always wary of used, refurbished or scratch and dent varieties.  Although, when it comes to notebooks, I will make an exception if the price is right.

Notebooks, unlike desktop computers, have limited selection on parts.  For example, one cannot go to Dell and request ABC graphics card for a notebook.  Dell only allows one to pick the graphics cards available from their list of 2 or 3 graphic cards.  If ABC graphics card is not on the list, then Dell will not install it.  Therefore, when it comes to notebooks, refurbished and/or dent and scratched notebooks can be a bargain if the manufacturer gives one the same warranty as a new notebook.

The downsides of purchasing a refurbished notebook include but are not limited to:

  • Parts inside may not be what one wants
  • The color and/or design may not be what one wants
  • The included software may not be what one wants
  • The screen size may not be what one wants.

In the end, do not be afraid to purchase a refurbished computer from the manufacturer.  One may find that purchasing a refurbished computer comes with the advantage of a decent computer at a below market value price.

CNET goes into detail on how one can save money when purchasing a refurbished computer at

List of outlets:

Dell –

HP –

Apple/Mac –

Lenovo –

Sony –

For those companies that do not sell outside the US, is a package forwarding company.  Doing a search for ship from US to abroad will give many results.  Of course, having friends in the US helps too.

More will be added as I find them.

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