Samsung SGH-I607 Cell phone Purchase

May 24, 2010

My Samsung SGH-I607 is officially dead.  Apparently, callers are getting the message that the mobile user that they are calling is currently unavailable.  Therefore, the phone is not picking up any calls.

I should have purchased the extended warranty at XSCargo.  XSCargo’s extended warranty can be read at  This smart phone is now just a microcomputer with Windows Mobile.  I will have to look for another smart phone.

March 26, 2010

It has become apparent that my bluetooth headset lasts about 5 hours with the Samsung SGH-I607 smart phone.  Connecting the bluetooth headset to a Sony Ericsson old model cell phone allows the bluetooth headset to last for a few days.  This is assuming that the bluetooth headset is in standby mode most of the time.  Therefore, there is a problem with the Samsung SGH-I607 bluetooth feature.  Either that, or this is a common problem with all smart phones.  Unfortunately, this is the first smart phone that I have purchased, therefore, I cannot verify if this is an isolated problem.

March 19, 2010

The Samsung SGH-I607’s battery life is much longer when a bluetooth headset is not connected to it.  Just having a bluetooth headset active and connected to the Samsung SGH-I607 cell phone reduces the cellphone’s standby battery life to about 10 hours vs 3 days or more without a bluetooth headset.  Therefore, one will have to take that into consideration when using the Samsung SGH-I607 cellphone.

March 13, 2010

I purchased a Samsung SGH-I607 cell phone aka BlackJack for $112 CDN, and it does have some quirks.

With the default Windows Mobile 5 installation, ringtones of any size can be added and used easily.  Unfortunately, Windows Mobile 6 is supposedly better.

Therefore, I installed Windows Mobile 6 from  If this link stops working, I have the PDF file at SGH_I607_BlackJack_WM6_Upgrade. Furthermore, I downloaded and installed Microsoft’s .NET Compact Framework 3.5  at also.  Following the instructions at is simple enough, but it seems that the installation is only possible using Windows XP since the modem driver is only available for Windows XP and earlier.  Although, I can be wrong.

Unhooking and rehooking the Samsung SGH-I607 cell phone with Windows Mobile 6 to my computer’s USB port running Windows XP, Vista, and 64-bit Windows 7 resulted in failed to synchronize cell phone.  Therefore, I searched online for a solution.  Shutting off the cell phone, removing the micro SD card, and turning the phone back on solved the problem in my case.  This may also work for others finding that Windows activesync is unable to synchronize with your cell phone.  Removing the SIM card may also be required.

With all that done, I created a ringtone.  Windows Mobile 6 limits the size of the ringtone to 300Kb.  Therefore, one will have to decide if quality or length should be reduced.  Audacity is an excellent program that I use to create ringtones.

To reduce quality and size of ringtone, one will have to go to Edit->File Formats->MP3 Export Setup and reduce the Bit Rate.  Setting the ringtone to Mono from Stereo may also help.

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  1. It seems that the link has been removed. therefore, Samsung no longer offers the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade. I have tried getting there again, but it is gone.

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