Laptops with upgradable video card

Looking over the notebooks from Dell, I realize that only one has the ability to remove the video card easily.  The Alienware models 15 inch and up are the only ones with a manual that shows how to replace the video card.

Hopefully, this will change in the future, but currently, it seems that if one wants to replace the video card, an Alienware 15 inch or larger notebook is the only viable option.

NOTE:  Although the Alienware states that the video card can be removed, it maybe quite possible that any replacements are limited to what Dell sells and recommends.  Therefore, purchasing a video card directly from ATI, NVidia, Intel, or others may not fit or even work.

For those wanting to try on other models, provides some tutorials on how to replace the video card on some models.

A video can be seen at

Therefore, replacing the video card on all notebook is possible, but one will have to figure out if the amount of work required and the possibility of breaking something in the process is worth the upgrade.  Furthermore, there is a good chance that the only video cards that will fit will be the ones purchased from the notebook manufacturer.

One commenter is on the same wavelength as me.  Upgrading the RAM, CPU and/or the harddrive is easy to do in a year or two, but the video card is a big NO, NO.  Therefore, it is a good idea to get the best video card  when you get the notebook.  Otherwise, one may find that upgrading in the future is an expensive and/or tedious task.  Post can be seen at


When purchasing a notebook, one should always buy one with dedicated video card RAM.  Purchasing a notebook with shared RAM will make Windows run slower.  An article explaining this in more detail can be seen at

Booting, running programs, and doing various tasks requires the CPU to process the data.  Although, current CPU’s can handle these tasks easily, the data bus connecting the CPU to everything else is limited.  If the graphics card is frequently using the narrow data bus, everything else that needs to use the data bus will take longer in the process.  Therefore, in order to build a faster running notebook, dedicated RAM is a must.  This will enable the graphics card to access the dedicated RAM without going through the narrow data bus.

Therefore, a graphics card with dedicated RAM is not just for games.  It is also required for faster loading Windows, applications, and, to a lesser extent, Internet.

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