Say goodbye to 2009

2009 has come and gone, and it seems that it has been the death to some websites.  There is a list of 15 websites that have died in 2009.  These can be seen at  Although, I am pretty sure there are more that should be added to this list.

Nevertheless, I look forward to the future of the Internet.  Dot com is a well known top-level domain.  Although, it seems that there will be many more new ones on their way.  If one looks at the Registry at, one will find that there are currently 14 top-level domains competing with dot com.  This number should increase in the near future.

Unfortunately, I do not think that any TLD will be able to beat dot com in popularity.  Dot com is a name brand that currently has more registered domains than all the others combined.  Who is dot com?  Visit for it’s contact information.

Information about purchasing a TLD can be seen at

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