Advertising fever

Everywhere we look there is advertising.  There is advertising on billboards.  There is advertising at bus stops, and there is even advertising on vehicles.

I remember a picture in a newspaper.  It said, “The price of fuel is too high.”  Below that was a picture of a ferry with advertising all over it.  Below the ferry was written, “Problem solved.”

If an advertiser was willing to pay for your gas, would you advertise their product on your vehicle?

There must be a line drawn somewhere.  Advertising has its place, and it must be controlled.  It is only a matter of time before we will see advertising pasted on the sidewalks to help pay for the streets.  Banners will be strewn across traffic lights to help pay the city workers’ salaries.

I am pretty sure the government will sometime in the future demand that we pay more taxes or allow more advertising.  A difficult choice to make.

It is a colorful world that we live in.  I can’t wait to see the beautiful advertising banners strewn over our ugly bridges. It is about time.

Advertising will be on mobile phone searches.

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