Solution to An error occured during the installation of this device” message, and “Access Denied”

I was trying to install my wireless Internet USB stick in my Windows 7 computer.  Basically, all that a user needs to do is plug the device in.  That is what I did.  Unfortunately, I get the “An error occurred during the installation of this device” message, and “Access Denied”.

Trying to reinstall does not work and there were no drivers available online.  Therefore, I tried another method.

I have read a post somewhere that one can boot Windows 7 with the Signature enforce driver disabled.  Therefore I tried that.

Reboot -> press the F8 key every second -> move cursor down to Disable Driver Signature Enforce -> Press enter

Under there I managed to get the driver to install.

Start -> Control Panel -> Device manager -> non-functioning Device -> Properties -> Driver -> Update Driver

Unfortunately, it took me 3 tries to get it installed.  The first two times gave me the same error message, but the third time it installed properly.  Therefore, what is causing the problem?

I am not 100% certain, but I think it may have something to do with the processes running in the background.  When one boots their computer, the desktop pops up almost immediately.  The icons in the taskbar and/or any other programs required to start will open later.  Therefore, there is a delay before everything gets loaded.  Unfortunately, not knowing how Windows 7 works, this is only a guess.

It may help to try installing the driver using the above method 5 minutes after Windows 7 is fully loaded.  Turning off Windows Update temporarily while one gets the driver installed may also help.

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  1. Hey every body,
    to resolve this problem is simple, u need just to desactive your antivirus before every installation.
    i think it will help u. I use McAfee antivirus.

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