Prevent laser and/or inkjet printers paper jams

As of Dec 31, 2009, I have changed the laser printer’s default paper type to cardstock.  It takes much longer to print, but if the laser printer does not jam up with thick and/or thin paper, it is worth it.  From what I can see, setting the default to cardstock (thick) paper works better when printing on various thickness of paper by reducing the number of paper jams.  Unfortunately, when printing on thinner paper, one will have to change the paper type if he/she wants to print the documents faster.  Therefore, the decision is either more speed with more frequent paper jams, or less speed with less frequent paper jams.  A difficult decision to make.

I have printed various types of documents and noticed that thicker paper often jams up the printer.  Therefore, I decided to look into the printer settings to see if there is something there that may prevent this.

I currently use a Samsung CLP-315 laser printer which is identical to the Samsung CLP-310 laser printer.  Once in a while, my Samsung CLP-315 laser printer will print then stop.  There is a paper jam.

Fortunately, I have found a possible solution.  When one looks at the printer properties under Paper, one will see that the type of paper used can be chosen.  This apparently makes the printer behave differently when the default is not chosen.  For example, when I choose Thick Paper, the printer feeds the paper inside the printer much slower than when default is chosen.  This, most likely, is done to prevent the paper from jamming up somewhere inside from feeding too quickly.

Therefore, if one is finding that their printer is constantly having a paper jam, changing the paper type may have positive results.

NOTE:  Heat maybe another source of paper jams.  Although there is no paper jammed in the laser printer, the laser printer may stop printing due from overheating.  Therefore, if heat is the culprit, changing the paper type may not work.


Preventing Avery or other business card sheets from jamming up your printer maybe solved by cutting the sheet in half and removing the left and right excess sides.

I have tested this method for double sided business card printing, and I have less problems with paper jams.  Unfortunately, getting a template for this is unavailable.  Therefore, I have provided one that will work with OpenOffice at

The OpenOffice template can be downloaded at Half business card1

Some modifications such as page size, margins, etc. may have to be done, but this works on my laser printer

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