List of computer cases with 5.25 drive bays Dec 2009

Enjoying the ability to put the drives and fans in any location on the front, I decided to put up a list of all computer cases that I have found that support only 5.25 drive bays.  Since there are adapters that allow anyone to put a smaller drive into a 5.25 bay, fitting a smaller drive in a slot will not be an issue.  All these cases are mid towers and support the ATX form factor.

The full towers have cases that also have all 5.25 drive bays, but I will not list them here.  This list will only cover cases that support up to ATX.

Unfortunately, Antec, Aerocool, and Lian Li cases need to be searched for.  They have multiple models, therefore, I only provided the links to their website.

Therefore, here is my list:

This list is not complete, but I did not do a search for all computer case manufacturers.  There are too many to search.  Therefore, if anyone finds one to add to the above list, please tell me.

Lian Li

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