Customize WordPress 2.9 default theme

When one updates WordPress to a newer version, all the customizations done on the previous version disappears.  Therefore, one will have to reapply the customizations done on the previous version to the most recent and hope that they will work.

Fortunately, all the customizations that I have applied in WordPress 2.7’s default theme work in WordPress 2.9’s default theme.  The customizations that work in WordPress 2.9 are:

  • Custom WordPress 2.9 header as a jpg image
  • Change WordPress 2.9 background
  • Add Google advertising header
  • Add WordPress 2.9 pages menu bar in drop down box format
  • Add a favicon beside the website address bar

The post that explains how to do the above is at

I have just added a two-tiered menu bar to WordPress 2.9 default theme. provides help in this area.

In order to be able to add the CSS and the PHP code to the bottom of header.php for the 2-tiered menu bar, the CSS must have
<style type=”text/css” media=”screen”> before and </style> after the CSS code.

WordPress 2.9 seems to have removed the space between paragraphs which was part of previous WordPress versions.  Unfortunately, this results in paragraphs looking like part of the previous paragraph, and making the articles hard to read.  A simple solution can be seen at

To minimize headaches when updating WordPress, change the permalinks to month/name.  Using the default of numbers will mess up one’s blog.  For a more detailed explaination, visit

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