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For some people, he/she may already have an animated gif or often called moving gif file that they would like to convert to an animated or moving jpg or jpeg.  Unfortunately, Windows does not make it easy to rename the extension of a file.  Furthermore, some people do not know how to use the command prompt and/or a batch file.  Therefore, I will detail the steps one will need to take.

NOTE:  Windows is case insensitive.  Therefore NEW.jpg is the same as new.jpg.  If you get a duplicate file name exists, look for new.jpg with uppercase in various places.

Number 4 and 5 are optional.  Number 4 and 5 will list the files in the current directory.

  1. Delete new.jpg from the Desktop if it exists
  2. Copy the animated gif that you want to make into a jpg to the Desktop and rename it old
  3. Open up Notepad in Windows
  4. Type dir
  5. Type pause
  6. Type rename old.gif new.jpg 
  7. Type pause
  8. Ensure that there are 4 commands on 4 different lines if points 4 and 5 are added; otherwise, 2 commands on 2 different lines.
  9. Change the Save as type: from *.txt to all files
  10. Save the file as convert.bat on the Desktop
  11. Double click on convert.bat
  12. If the renaming is successful, one will see a file called new.jpg.

For those that are too lazy to follow the above steps, there is another option.  One can make Windows XP, Vista, or 7 show the hidden extension of a file.  This can be found at

For those that want to go old school, I have the file that one can execute.  Just unzip it, and put it on the Desktop.  This will rename old.gif to new.jpg.  This will also delete new.jpg if it exists, but you will have to approve of it first. AprivatebeachdotcomConvert.  This file can be opened up in Notepad and reviewed.  The complete convert.bat script is shown below.

As mentioned in a previous post, there is no such thing as an animated jpg or jpeg file.  All that is being done is the gif file is being renamed.  Internet browsers will render any animated jpg or jpeg file as an animated gif file.

convert.bat script




REM If file exists, delete it.  Ask permission first.
IF EXIST “new.jpg”. (
ECHO new.jpg found.  Press the Y button then the Enter button to delete new.jpg.  N then the Enter will not delete new.jpg.
del /P new.jpg

REM Check to see if old.gif can be found.
IF NOT EXIST “old.gif” (
ECHO Please put old.gif on the Desktop.
) ELSE (
REM rename file
rename old.gif new.jpg
REM If renaming successful, tell the person.
ECHO new.jpg created.
ECHO Thanks for visiting

For those wanting to create an animated jpg or jpeg image, will help.

6 thoughts on “Convert animated gif to jpg or jpeg”

  1. Pocky, I have added 2 commands to the above code.


    This will list the files found in the current directory. It can be possible that the file you saved is called old.gif.txt or some other extension.

    The zip file has been modified with the 2 commands above added.

    I have a feeling the file is called old.gif.gif. Therefore, try renaming the file as old. This may solve the old.gif not found error message.

    Newer versions of Windows do not allow the changing of the file extension by default.

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