Sansa Fuze Video MP3 player review and helpful tips Nov 2009

I have recently purchased a Sansa Fuze Video MP3 player.  The product can be seen at

The first thing I did when I received this product is plug it into Windows 7.  Windows 7 detected it, and there are no problems.  Then I downloaded and installed the Sansa Fuse’s latest firmware and media converter located at

With that done, I tested the music and video functions.  The music works just like any IPod available, but some videos cannot be converted properly.  Windows 7 does not have the proper codecs to decode the various videos online.  Therefore, I have to find an alternative.

Super must be used first to convert videos that cannot be converted using Sansa’s media converter software.  Super can be downloaded from  Using Super, one will have to convert the video to SVCD std. compliant (MPG).  From that, the MPG file will be recognized by Sansa’s media converter software.  Super is unable to convert flv to SVCD format.  Therefore, another way will have to be found.  One can try to convert it to DVD, IPod, or other format, and then convert it to SVCD, but I have not tested this on Super.

A very good review of the Sansa Fuze can be seen at

As for my opinion, my kids love it.  One is in high school while the other is in elementary.  It is not an IPod Nano, but they are quite happy.  Stick a couple of kids movies on it, and they will be ecstatic for sure.  As for the limited storage space, one can purchase a 4 GB microSD card for $20.  There is a slot for a microSD card to be installed on the Sansa Fuze.

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