Make your own aquarium filter system

Looking at the various filter systems available, I realized that one can be made quite easily.  I currently have an aquatic filter system that is homemade.  The parts and tools required are:

  • Drill or something that can make holes
  • Sandpaper to remove loose pieces of plastic
  • Filter media bag from any pet store
  • Activated charcoal from any pet store
  • Filter fiber from any pet store to catch dirty stuff

Although, it is assumed that the other parts are already purchased.  The air pump, tube, undergravel filter, and/or other required materials.

  1. To make the filter, you will need to drill a hole at the bottom of a plastic container big enough to fit on the tube.
  2. Then drill about a 1/2 cm hole all around the container.  They should be higher than the charcoal.  I drilled mine about half way up the container.
  3. With the filter media bag, fill it with the activated charcoal and place it in the middle of the container.
  4. Then rip a piece of filter fiber and wrap it around the inside of the container covering all the holes.  Ensure the piece is big enough to wrap around the whole container.
  5. Place the container without the lid on the tube.  The tube must be inside the container at least 1 cm.  If the container slides down, try tying a rubber band around the tube where the container will sit on.

For an undergravel filter, the air stone will go into the container down the tube.  When you turn on the air pump, the water should go up the tube into the container and out the side holes which are blocked with the filter fiber.  This system is easier and cheaper to maintain since the filter fiber can be taken out and replaced separately from the activated charcoal.  Not like the all-in-one which I find expensive and wasteful in the long run.

modded filter

Filter media bag
Filter media bag

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