Google vs Bing the difference is in the searches

After examining both search engines and visiting the Bing forums, I realized that Bing relies heavily on reputable websites linking to another website.  For example, Google has both’s and’s complete list of pages in their searches while Bing has only 3 pages from  Therefore, it seems that Bing indexes only the more popular websites and/or webpages.

If one wants to do a test, one can do a search for some big names such as Wikipedia and others and search for an article within those websites.  One will find that most, if not all, of the pages will be indexed in both search engines.  Doing a search for an article on a personal blog and/or small scale website that is not well known may result in the article not being found on Bing.

Therefore, the difference seems to be that Bing is more selective of the pages that it includes in its database.  It only includes pages from well known, and/or well referenced websites.

Google, on the other hand, grabs everything.  It then gives a massive list of pages.

In the end, when I have a problem and/or need an answer, I use Google.  I look through all the articles that I can find and come to my own conclusions.  Furthermore, personal websites are, quite often, a wealth of information.  An owners personal experience is often better than any review.  Unfortunately, since Google lists all sites good or bad, a user will have to use their own judgment or use a program such as Mcafee site advisor located at to filter the good from the bad.

As for Bing, it is good for people looking for information from reputable, and/or well-known websites. Furthermore, Bing should be safer due from the fact that it should be listing websites that are free from malicious code.

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