Custom silent Northbridge and Southbridge cooling fan Nov 2009

I bought a Scythe Kama Stay multi-purpose solution.  Its purpose is to hold a 120mm fan to cool the graphics card.  With the fan being so large, it actually cools both the video card and the Northbridge heatsink.  Attaching 2 – 120mm fans to the Scythe Kama Stay multi-purpose solution, it can also work as a  graphics card, Northbridge and Southbridge cooling system. Unfortunately, since the fan is not touching the heatsinks, it will not cool as well as a running fan touching the heatsinks.  Although, it seems to be doing a pretty good job nonetheless.  I am pretty sure that this is much quieter than any 40mm Northbridge fan available.  The system configuration and the test results can be seen at

The Scythe Kama Stay is also reusable on future computers.  It is not a card that plugs into the motherboard like the video cards.  Therefore, it is quite possible that it can be reused over and over again on future computers.  Unless one decides to mangle it to the point where it will not fit in the case.

For those that want to replace the Northbridge heatsink with a taller version, this may work

Northbridge custom large fanless heatsink

Thermaltake has one that is compatible with both the Northbridge and the Southbridge.  It can be seen at

Thermaltake's heatsink with fan

Since the Scythe Kama Stay can hold 2 – 120mm fans, it is quite possible that it can also hold a 240mm fan.  If this is possible, this can be used to hold a 240mm fan that will cool everything on the motherboard including the CPU.  Although, the CPU must have a fairly large heatsink that can support a fan on top and not the sides.  Unfortunately, there is no mention of the Scythe Kama Stay supporting a 240mm fan.

The Scythe Kama Stay multi-purpose solution can be seen at and being used below.  It is cooling both the video card and the Northbridge.

custom side 2009

Finally, there is always the liquid cooled solution.  Unfortunately, that is usually too expensive for most people.

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  1. This sounds like it could either be a problem with the Northbridge multiplier which can be read about by doing a Google search, or a faulty motherboard. My old motherboard got fried, but it was not a problem with heat, but a faulty PCI card. Unfortunately, my motherboard became unstable after that PCI card fried.

    I will assume it is the first thing that maybe the problem.

    I would, first, look on the XFX website and see if there is an updated BIOS or other driver available. It seems that one needs to register first to download any updates. Second, I would call them and ask them what is the correct Northbridge multiplier setting. In some cases, the default (auto) or the setting set by the person who sold the computer is wrong. There are many combinations of Northbridge multiplier settings, but some combinations may cause overheating problems.

    Furthermore, you should ask what is the proper CPU voltage. I am pretty sure everything is set to auto, but there maybe cases where the motherboard settings are wrong.

    I once fiddled with my motherboard’s BIOS. Tried to manually set the Northbridge multiplier. Ended up with a CPU that ran at 75% speed since I could not set it correctly. Got it working 100% a year later.

    I recommend cleaning out the inside of a computer at least once a year. Sparks and a small fire can be a sign that the inside is really dusty.

    The Scythe “Ninja3”, which is a beast of a CPU heatsink, at is both large, competitively priced, and efficient. An option that may solve your problem.

    As a last resort, underclocking and/or undervolting maybe a viable alternative. Unfortunately, this will make the computer slower, but for the sake of stability, it maybe the best option until a better solution comes along.

    This article may make things clearer about the BIOS

    This article may make things clearer about the chipset in the motherboard.,2546-6.html The XFX is an NVidia 750a chipset.

    Another option is that you can leave the case open.

    On a side note, your AMD Athlon™ X2 6000+ CPU has a TDP of 125W. Therefore, the article from CNET maybe of interest to you.

  2. Hi every one. I have a XFX 750a SLI mobo with AMD athlon x2 6000+
    9400GT 1 gb
    500 GB Sata HDD
    coolermaster HAFF 922 with all optional fan’s
    3 GB of DDR2 800 Mhz RAM.

    My problem is the north bridge often get very hot and some time it began to spark & I can see fire from it which shut’s down my pc.

    [after using SpeedFan to check the overall tempurature of my system, it shows:

    What should I do…………………………………………….. IS IT NORMAL??

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