Antec smartcool 120mm problems

I purchased an Antec SmartCool 120mm fan( and a Scythe “Kama Stay” multi purpose solution(  I placed the fan on the Kama Stay and stuck it in a PCI slot.  When I turned on the computer, I can hear vibrations.  At first I thought it was my computer that was vibrating, but then I realized that it was actually the fan.  Therefore, I tested it by connecting it to my Scythe “Kaze Master Ace” fan controller(  Reducing the speed of the fan from 1200RPM’s to 900RPM’s, silenced the vibrations.  Therefore, it was verified to be the SmartCool 120mm fan.

I currently am using a Coolermaster silent fan( instead.  It does not vibrate at maximum speed.  My computer is fairly quiet.  I have 2 front intake fans, 1 rear exhaust fan, and 1 fan cooling the graphics card all running at 720RPMs.  The CPU fan is spinning at 367RPMs at idle.  The first 4 are controlled by me while the CPU fan is controlled by the motherboard.

I will have to try again with another computer to see if the problem is really the Antec Smartcool and not the computer.

A possible solution I will have to try is to use rubber washers available at any hardware store.  I do have some available, but that will have to be done another time.

As of November 12, 2009, I have successfully added the Antec smartcool to my system.  Since it is touching the side and the bottom, I stuck floor pads on it to silence the fan. These are available in most hardware stores.  Using zap straps, I converted it into a top front intake fan.


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