Perfect HTPC Case Nov 2009

I always imagined a perfect HTPC case, but I am still unable to find one.  My ideal case will have:

  • a full sized ATX motherboard
  • 2 – 120mm side intake fans
  • 2 – 120mm side exhaust fans
  • 3 – 5.25 external drive bays.  Using a converter a 5.25 can be converted to a 3.5 inch drive bay.
  • a 120mm bottom intake with side exhaust power supply.

For this case to work, a fanless video card will have to be put in the first slot right in front of one of the 120mm intake fans.

The case may be larger or smaller than I envision, but I am basically looking for a HTPC case that can accommodate four 120mm side fans.  I am still on the hunt for one.

ideal htpc case

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