Do-it-yourself car repairs a bad idea

Replacing parts on a computer is not very difficult to do.  I replace parts on my computers at home, but when it comes to buying a new one, I let the computer store assemble it for me.

When friends and/or family ask me to build them a computer, I give them a list of parts and tell them to fax and/or bring the list to several computer stores for a quote.

The reason is because it is better to get someone experienced to do it.  If a part is defective and/or does not work, the shop will replace the part.

Therefore, I always recommend getting the computer shop to install the parts.

A knowledgeable friend can be called to install a specific part that needs to be replaced.  For example, I have installed a power supply, video card, and hard drive into a computer.

But when it comes to automobiles, doing the repair yourself is not a good idea.  Technology is making repairs difficult for non-dealerships.  Therefore, if you automobile needs repairs done, bring it to a shop.  With technology built into many automobiles, a simple repair may require a technician to reset the onboard computer.

Do-it-yourself car repairs no longer a viable option

Dealerships fight for right to fix automobiles

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