Getting Crossfire server, an open-source RPG, working

I installed Crossfire server and the client using the Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu 8.04 on August 25, 2009.

I was hoping it would work right out of the box, but it does not seem to.  Crossfire server gives the following message when executing Crossfire from the terminal.

Cannot bind socket to port 13327: Address already in use

Therefore, a solution had to be found.

Typing in man crossfire on the command prompt gives the manual and a solution.  The solution involves changing to an available port.

Therefore I typed this into the command prompt:

crossfire -csport 10000

This basically means run Crossfire and listen for players on port 10000.

Running the client is simple enough, but there are problems.  The client has to be told to connect to the Crossfire server on the same computer.  That can be done easily.  The command is:


The above is assuming that the Crossfire server’s listen port is set to 10000.

Crossfire may already be installed and listening on port 13327.  If it is, you can type either localhost or localhost:13327.

Windows version
Ubuntu Linux version
Ubuntu Linux version

With that done, a player, on the same computer, can now play on his/her own server.  Unfortunately, a player is unable to save his/her character.

In order to save the character, some modifications have to be made.  If you look at the filesystem/var/games directory, you will see that there is a directory called Crossfire in it.  This directory contains the character information among other things.

In Ubuntu 8.04, the owner and group is set to games.  You will have to change that to the user running the server.  For example, in my case, David will be the owner of this directory and all files and directories within.  Furthermore, David will have create and delete files access.

Since the user David is running the server, David must have the power to add, delete, and change stuff in that directory.

This solution will most likely work on other OS’s with the same problem, but it is a matter of translating.

I will post pictures of what I have done at a later date.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment.

Crossfire can be downloaded from

A list of my notes including a dump of the stuff that  can be made with the various skills can be found at



4 thoughts on “Getting Crossfire server, an open-source RPG, working”

  1. so what is CF’s original web port? 13327?
    and we are talking about crossfire mercenary forces corporation arent we?

  2. I posted a screen shot above from a Windows version and an Ubuntu Linux version. This should hopefully make things easier.
    If you are using Linux, open the client and a list of available servers will show up on the window on the right side. Instead of choosing one of the above servers, you can type in localhost:10000.

    Hope this helps

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