Ubuntu 8.04’s wireless Internet possible fix

Tested on Ubuntu 8.04 on July 5, 2009 on a Dell 1501 laptop

Ubuntu’s wireless network scanning tool does not seem to work properly, but I still managed to get the wireless Internet working.  Unfortunately, I had to know the name of the wireless network.

If the command sudo iwlist scanning works on the command prompt, you will see a list of available wireless connections you can connect to.  This means that you are able to connect to a wireless network, but need to configure it yourself.

In order to get connected to a wireless Internet connection, you will have to click on Add/Remove Applications under the Applications menu item.  From there, do a search for Network Selector.  You may have to change Show: to All available applications.  Then click on the radio box to put a check mark in the radio box beside Network Selector.  Finally, click on apply changes and follow the prompts.


Since the wireless Internet connection is not automatically searched for and shown, you will have to manually add one in.  Under System -> Administration -> Network, you will get the Network Settings pop-up.  First, you will have to click the Unlock button shown below otherwise you will not be able to change anything.  Next, put a check mark in the radio box beside Wireless connection.  Then, click on the Properties button.

From here you will have to enter in your wireless Internet security information.  In my case, I have a secured network.  Therefore, I need to enter in a Network password.  When you are done here, click on the OK button.  Make sure that the radio box beside Enable roaming mode does not have a check mark.  You do not want this.


If all goes well, you computer’s wireless Internet should now work.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu 8.04’s wireless Internet possible fix”

  1. It is true that Ubuntu 8.04 is old, but it is supported until 2011. It is a Long term support (LTS) version. I would like to move to the latest one, but Ubuntu comes out with a new version every six months. I find it a hassle to install a new version every six months. Therefore, I stick with the LTS versions.

  2. Cretino testa di cazzo, Ubuntu 8.04 e’ vecchia.
    Cosa cazzo cerchi una fix! Fai un update, qualcuno la fix l’ha trovata e l’ha messa nella versione piu’ recente…
    Di solito funziona cosi, spastico minchione figlio di puttana

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