Do it yourself hem pants, clothes or other fabrics

When it comes to clothes, it is nearly impossible to find a decent pair of pants/jeans that fit.  Furthermore, they are usually too long.

People often go to a tailor and get them hemmed, but there are other less costly options.

Sewing them

Many people will often turn the pants inside out and get out the needle and thread.  This option will work, but many people do not like seeing the thread.

For those that do not want to sew, there is another option.

Gluing them

I did not know about this product until recently.  It is very good.  This allows you to glue two pieces of fabric together.

It can be found for less than five dollars in most, if not all, fabric stores.

In the case of pants that are too long, this product can be used to shorten the pant legs.

I have hemmed my own jeans by turning them inside out and gluing the excess inside the jeans.  Since there is no thread used, it looks cleaner.

The only tool that you will need is an iron if you are using the webbing.  An ironing board is useful too, but I am pretty sure many use other flat surfaces.

Another option is to use fabric glue or fabric adhesive.  Similar to regular glue, it comes in both permanent and temporary types.  Although, I have not seen any stores that sell fabric glue, it is probably much better than the fusible bonding web since it should be easier to work with.  The permanent fabric glue is washable and the fabric glued together should not come apart, but I am pretty sure that after several washings, one may have to reglue the fabric together.

fabric glueClothWebbing

For those on a budget, there are cheap glues available in various stores in the hardware aisle.  Glues, such as, waterproof glue and permanent glue that will glue almost everything including fabric.

Therefore, if your jeans and/or pants are too long, a trip to the tailor may not be necessary.  If you do not mind doing the hem yourself, you can save yourself a couple of dollars.

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