What it takes to fill the careers begging for qualified workers

I remember attending BCIT, and the teacher told me that a diploma from BCIT may not be well known outside of British Columbia.  Therefore, I will have to tell the employer what I did in school if I decide to work elsewhere.  This is often the case when it comes to employment.  The employer may  have never heard of the company.

This is the unfortunate problem when it comes to working somewhere else.  The qualifications I earn here may not get me a job in other parts of the world, or even the country.

Talking to many people, I realize that there are some trust issues that arise.  First, in some countries a diploma can be bought.  For example, there are imaginary universities that sell diplomas in any field for $5000.  Therefore, an employer from another country may wonder if the candidate really has the qualifications required.  Second, it is often very difficult to verify jobs done in another country.  For example, a candidate can say that he/she worked as an engineer at Foo company in Bar country, but verifying the work can be difficult.  Third, the work done in another country may be different due from the fact that they have obsolete equipment.  For example, an employer may require the candidate to use the company’s tools that are much more newer and complicated.  Therefore, finding employment in another location that may not trust your school, employer, and/or credentials can be devastating.

In conclusion, there are many different careers that needs to be filled around the world.  Unfortunately, getting employment there is tricky.  Unless you are being transferred from one office to another office in another country by your employer, your career prospects are usually poor.  The one option that is available to you is to go back to a reputable and well-known college and/or university.  If you already have the training, you should be able to pass without any issues.

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