Before applying to a college and/or university

When you apply to a college and/or university, you will have to figure out what the minimum requirements are to submit your application.

Harvard University and Princeton University are two of the top universities in the USA. Furthermore, their entrance requirements are most likely much too difficult for many to achieve. Therefore, others will have to be considered.

When you look up north towards Canada, you will notice that every province has at least one university. Furthermore, the requirements vary from one to another. For example, the University of British Columbia’s minimum requirements for the Nursing program is much harder to achieve than the Memorial University of Newfoundland. Since they are both publicly funded universities, the nursing degrees are most likely the same.

Therefore, why the difference?

If you look at the demographics in each province and compare their aspirations, every province is different. The parent(s) of one province may push their children to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, or pharmacists while the parent(s) of another province may tell their children to look into other careers such as the trades.

In the end, a program with high entrance requirements in one area may not be that high in another area. Therefore, studying somewhere else maybe a better idea if the school is recognized and publicly funded.

List of colleges and universities in North America

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