Become a contestant on a show

For those wanting to secure a part on a TV show, this maybe your chance.  There are various sites looking for average people to star in their shows, and you can be the person they are looking for.

Doing an online search using your favorite search engine for casting call or casting calls will give you many sites that may give you information on what they require from you.

I have seen some that anyone can apply for, and there are some where you are required to live in a specific location.  Therefore, you should look around.  You may find that you maybe one of the lucky ones.

For example, this producer is looking for a home owner that has “purchased a home in the past 18 months in the Toronto area.”

He/she has other requirements, but this means that only a few will be able to apply.  Therefore, your chances of being accepted is better if you meet all the requirements.

So, if you are not camera shy, take the plunge.  This can open up many opportunities that you never thought existed.  Furthermore, there is nothing to lose by submitting an application.  You can always decline if you do not want to do it.

List of various casting calls

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