Using online pictures

Grabbing various photos online and manipulating them is something that I like to do, but who owns them?

I find many pictures online that seem to have no copyright holder.  Furthermore, many identical pictures can be found online, but the website address on the picture is changed to the website it is hosted on.  Therefore, are they free for me to use and manipulate?

When using a picture, I do the best I can to find out who the author is.  In many cases, the picture belongs to a website and the restrictions are clearly written.

Using images found on the Internet seems to be in the grey area of law since various pictures are often “borrowed” to decorate a webite.  I am one of them.

In any case, I list my sources for the pictures that I use in the about page.  The pictures that I have used request that this be done.  Therefore, it is done.

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