The events that shaped the Canadian economy

When you ask anyone around you about the history of Canada, you often will get a few blank looks.

You may or may not know much about Canada, but you can learn some important facts that helped to shape Canada.

I like to read articles about the economy.  I read articles on various other stuff, but I have a bias towards reading articles related to the economy.

There are some interesting facts about the major events that changed Canada.  Furthermore, you can look up information on Canada’s current unemployment rate.

For those wondering how I found these links, I did a Google search for “”.  This is the government of Canada website, and there are over a million pages to look at.

If you are in another country such as the UK or the US, you can do a search in your own country by finding out the governments website address.  In most cases, it will be gc.??

Information about the Canadian economy

Information related to Canada demographics and other stuff

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